Our dietitians are available for a variety of nutrition seminars. They regularly conduct group presentations to corporate organisations, sporting groups, schools and community groups. 

Some of the talks we have done in the past include: 

  • Woolworths Group Pty Ltd - Women’s Health; Gut Health Masterclass

  • Commonwealth Bank - Staying healthy when you are busy; Food, Immunity and Mood

  • Optus - Healthy Eating for Shift Workers

  • Westpac - Healthy eating tips for 'Healthy Weight Week'; Eating Facts and Fiction.

  • Australia Post - 'The Sweet Stuff' - Sugar in the Modern Diet; Alcohol Facts & Fiction

  • Australian College of PE - Expert panel member for graduating students

  • NSW State Gymnasts - Eating for training and competition

  • School groups on behalf of Dairy Australia for Cricket Australia Thunderbus - Healthy eating at school

  • PLC Sydney (Year 4) - Healthy eating at school; (Year 10) - Sports nutrition

  • Holdsworthy Community Centre Woollahara - Baby led weaning